100% Cashless Event

This year the Oktoberfest in Pretoria goes 100% cashless with Howler!

Howler allows you to avoid the endless hassles associated with carrying cash and waiting in queues, leave your wallet at home and simply go cashless – it’s safe!

You can either create an account online (www.howler.co.za) and load an amount to your profile before the Oktoberfest. Collect the card at the event and have it seamlessly paired to your account.

Or you can get your cashless card on the day at a top-up station and load up with any amount, using credit - , debit card or cash.

During the event you just tap your cashless card to make a purchase at any Oktoberfest stand.

Have a look at the infographic below for more information or read through the FAQs here: www.howler.co.za/faqs