Why is the Oktoberfest in September?

Have you ever wondered why the Oktoberfest in Pretoria is held in September? 

The history of the original Oktoberfest in Germany goes back to 12 October 1810, when Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig married Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The people of Munich were invited to partake in festivities on the fields where the couple was married – and where Oktoberfest in Munich is still held every year. 

The festivities lasted five days and ended in horse races. It was then decided that the events should take place every October. No one messed up the date, but at some point someone realized that it would probably be better to hold the event when it would be warmer in Germany. Therefore the Oktoberfest was moved to September. 

By staying true to our German tradition we also hold our original Oktoberfest in Pretoria in September. 

So remember, remember – the Oktoberfest is in September!!! 


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